Apple Theme

Apple Theme

Turn your phone into a Mac wonderland


  • Cool looking background images
  • Some nice Mac icons


  • Renders some menu text completely unreadable

Not bad

Personally, I reckon that the Mac is the coolest OS on the planet, and by installing this Apple Theme on your Series 60 phone, you can celebrate its beauty wherever you go.

The Apple Theme changes the appearance of a range of different interface elements. The first thing you'll notice is the cool glowing Apple logo and blue luminous swirls that adorn the main screen. What's curious is that this wallpaper changes when you access the main menu, to a giant Apple logo with a blue outline.

Other changes that the Apple Theme applies to your phone, include the addition of a cool Apple logo clock, plus a set of start page and main menu icons based on the logo. Text used on the main menu is a bright blue color which looks great against the black background.

Unfortunately, the Apple Theme doesn't change all of the menu text, which remains black. And, as we know, black text against a black background equals one of the worst design mistakes you can make.

If you can live with the problem of not being able to see some of the menu text, then this Apple theme offers a good way to celebrate your love of Mac.

Apple Theme


Apple Theme

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